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Does Investigator Pro™ or ICER™ require any special computer hardware at my facility?

Investigator Pro runs in a web browser on a Windows PC on your desktop. ICER runs behind the scenes on JLG Technologies’ network of dedicated servers around the United States, and is accessible from a web browser. Your facility doesn’t need any equipment other than your inmate telephone system.

Does Investigator Pro work with live calls as they happen?

Investigator Pro does extensive analysis of each call as soon as it completes. It waits until the call has ended in order to find, and then report to you, all the signs of suspicious activity that may be in it. The results are available immediately after the call ends. With Investigator Pro investigators can find and listen to the calls most likely to yield actionable intelligence, rather than have to monitor every call as it happens.

I know that certain inmates at my facility are members of gangs. How can I use that information with Investigator Pro?

Your facility’s administrator can set up custom categories of inmates, called high interest groups, in Investigator Pro. These groups might be particular gangs, inmates who are escape risks, or inmates who have a history of smuggling contraband into the facility. High interest groups, and the detailed parameters associated with them, are determined by the facility.

Can we set up different types of Investigator Pro users, with different privileges, at my facility?

Yes. You can set up as many different user roles as you wish and assign various privileges to each role. Investigator Pro includes templates that you can use as a starting point to create custom roles for your facility.

I don’t have time to listen to a lot of inmate telephone calls. Can I still use Investigator Pro?

Yes. Investigator Pro can automatically show you the calls that deserve your immediate review. It can list calls that meet criteria set by your facility, and calls that are likely cases of inmate PIN abuse. Its extensive searching capabilities let you easily follow the trail of an inmate, a called party, or called phone number to uncover the information you need. Investigator Pro lets you spend more time investigating, and less time listening to calls.

How can Investigator Pro help me build legal cases?

Investigator Pro lets you attach your own text notes to calls and share those notes with other investigators. At any time you can write an audio call to CD, creating an unaltered copy of the call that you can give to attorneys.

Can I use Investigator Pro to find inmates who steal or share inmate PINs?

Investigator Pro flags all calls that show likely PIN abuse. On the home screen a quick search for an inmate shows the number of calls made with his PIN and, of those, the number made by other inmates. A quick search by date range shows how many calls were made from the facility by inmates using someone else’s PIN. A suspicious call finder feature shows you the names of the most likely imposters on a given call that was flagged as a case of PIN abuse.

Inmate calls can be long, noisy and hard to understand. Can Investigator Pro make listening to them easier?

The call player in Investigator Pro has several features that make listening easier. First, you can separate the inmate and called party sides of a call and listen to each separately, cutting the background noise in half. Second, you can skip over pauses in the call, shortening your listening time. Third, you can speed up or slow down the call playback, which may make it easier to understand.

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