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Investigator Pro™ is our voice biometric software suite for the corrections industry. Designed for investigators, it uncovers inmates and their associates on the outside who use the prison telephone system to commit crimes.

Using Investigator Pro, investigators can listen to telephone calls, find and identify inmates and called parties by voice, get lists of high priority calls for immediate review, and see facts about any inmate’s calling activity. Powerful searching and reporting tools let investigators search for calls and manage the information they find.

Built on our cutting-edge voice identification platform, Investigator Pro is now installed at over 525 sites in the United States.

Here is just some of what Investigator Pro can do:

Call Player

  • Play the inmate and called party sides of a call separately or together.
  • Take an audio clip of an inmate or called party and then search all calls for other instances of that voice.
  • Speed up, slow down, mute one side and more playback features.
  • Attach text notes to a call for intelligence sharing.

Voice Identification

  • Identify voices continuously throughout every call.
  • Flag likely cases of inmate PIN abuse with inmate names.
  • Find every call where a given inmate or called party’s voice occurs.

Highlighted Calls and Fast Facts

  • Automatically show recent calls that fit custom criteria, such as calls by known gang members.
  • Flag 3-way, PIN abuse, and inmate-to-inmate calls for immediate review.
  • Display summary facts about any inmate’s calling activity.

Searching and Reporting

  • Search the call database by inmate, date range, voice, case number, high interest group or other criteria.
  • Create and export reports showing misused PINs, 3-way calls, frequently called numbers, and suspicious called parties.


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